"New York pizza outside New York? One Wiseguy gets pretty darn close" 


"That smell of garlic and yeast and baking bread and aromatic char makes you hungry from the moment you walk in. Makes you want to order one of everything" - Todd Kliman 

"I love the Margherita at Wiseguy, on 3rd and Massachusetts NW. By the slice — but what a slice."- Todd Kliman 


 "A dozen new Pies to try now" 


“Best Pizza Slice Place in DC” by Leading most known, respected Pizza Blog in USA calls us: 


Wiseguy NY Pizza is “21 hottest Pizzerias across America…” 

 “Wiseguy’s cheese slice is hands-down the closest (to NY) I’ve ever found in DC, even better than Italian Store and Vace.. “ 


“If every other pizza they offer is as good as this (MargherZita), I'll be quickly hooked” 

"It is an authentic NY slice of pizza, no doubt, and it was perfect” by reviewer.


“NY Pizza Finally In DC…..” by reviewer.

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