Unfailing goodness of real authentic NY-style pie handcrafted and baked on two inch thick in an old school stone-deck oven!


  • “New York pizza outside New York? One Wiseguy gets pretty darn close”

    Tim Carmen, The Washington Post

  • "That smell of garlic and yeast and baking bread and aromatic char makes you hungry from the moment you walk in. Makes you want to order one of everything" , "I love the Margherita at Wiseguy By the slice — but what a slice”

    Todd Kliman, Washingtonian

  • “..no DC pizza joint has ever been able to replicate the cheesy, saucy goodness found in The Big Apple. Until now..”

    Hungry District

  • "If every other pizza they offer is as good as this (MargherZita), I'll be quickly hooked”


  • “Wiseguy’s cheese slice is hands-down the closest (to NY) I’ve ever found in DC, even better than Italian Store and Vace.. “

    Girl Meets Food

  • “Wiseguys serves up a quintessential NY slice, one that brings me back to my childhood of skipping right over to 7 Carmine St in the West Village as soon as the school bell rang”


  • “Best Pizza Slice Place in DC”


Did you know?

Our Whole Pie is 18” 65% bigger then Chains "14” Large Pizza. Our Slices even bigger -- made from 20” Pizza.

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